Bharat is a peninsula extending from the Himalayas in the north to Kanyakumariin the south.This land has been blessed several times by Lord himself with his incarnations. This word 'bharata' itself is the great symbol of all branches of knowledge. It means the one who is interested in enlightenment. 'bhaa' means that which becomes brilliant in all 'vedas' (veda is knowledge in its wider sense). So it means that which becomes brilliant in light and knowledge.'ra' means that which is interested or eager in all species of living beings.'tha' means that which bears all kinds of holy water or holy place.'theertha' has thus two or more meanings-holy water or holy place. Everything put together the word 'bharata' is that which is devoted to light and knowledge or "devoted to light as against darkness". Thus the name "bharat" is symbolic in nature,revealing the fact that the whole country is highly enlightened spiritually and for the same reason our own land Kerala is blessed to be a part of bharata.

Kerala is situated in southern end of bharata. Geographically,it is roughly divided into three climatically distinct regions. These include the eastern highlands (rugged and cool mountainous terrain), the central midlands (rolling hills), and the western lowlands (coastal plains).It is assumed from the legends that Keralais 'thapobhoomi'(the land of monks or hermits) and the gift of lord Parasurama.Parashurama fought back the advancing seas to save the lands of konkan, malabar (a region in the western part of the peninsula of India, between the mountains and the sea) and Kerala,as per the legends say. It is said that, he divided this land of Kerala into 32 'graamas' (villages) and one of these 'gramaas' is called “Shukapuram”. The famous river Bharathapuzha is passing through the heart of “Shukapuramgraamam”.The civilization and culture on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha running along this land is born and sprawled into the land of Mezhathur which is called the homestead of “Panthirukulam”.


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